Landlord Engagement Liaison

The primary objective of this role is to enhance accessibility to both private and public rental sectors for households under TGHA’s Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, with an emphasis on integrating these households into low-poverty neighborhoods that have previously been unattainable due to historical constraints. This will be achieved through close collaboration with Housing Specialists, coupled with the cultivation of sustainable, robust partnerships with landlords, thereby facilitating the surmounting of obstacles that perpetuate homelessness. A comprehensive understanding of rental real estate dynamics is essential for pinpointing enduring housing solutions across the region.

This role mandates a proactive approach to initiating, securing, and preserving relationships with landlords to ensure successful housing placements. As a Landlord Liaison, the incumbent will conduct educational sessions for landlords, staff, and program participants, focusing on available housing opportunities as well as delineating the rights and obligations of both tenants and landlords.

Serving as an integral component of the Public Housing Agency (PHA), the Landlord Liaison fosters a cooperative environment with all TGHA HCV initiatives, promoting an integrated approach to housing stability and community prosperity.

All activities must support The Greenville Housing Authority’s (“TGHA” or “Authority”) mission, strategic goals, and

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